The much-anticipated finals of the XXVI Rev. Dr. Samuel Slater Memorial Invitational Debate competition saw a fierce clash of intellectual minds. The final round featured the debaters from The Mallinson Girls School, Srinagar, and La Martiniere Girls College, Lucknow, who had secured their places in the spotlight due to the contentious motion: “Punishment cannot improve behavior.”

The motion created an atmosphere of excitement as both sides displayed exceptional debating skills, turning the competition into a thrilling spectacle of wit and argument. The teams engaged in a battle of ideas, championing their perspectives with conviction. The proposition, led by the prominent debaters from La Martiniere Girls’ College, presented a compelling argument, highlighting terms like “slavery” and “emotional problems.”

They contended that rewards hold more sway over behavior improvement than punishment when it comes to cognitive processes. In response, the opposition vehemently defended the role of punishment, citing examples from “judicial systems around the world” and child development institutions. They argued that punishment, in the form of measures like “detention,” remains an integral part of maintaining justice and discipline.

BCS Annual Slater Debates Finals: Intellectual Battle In The Debate Finals

Ultimately, The Mallinson Girls College, Srinagar, emerged victorious in this fierce intellectual showdown, showcasing remarkable poise and honor. Zainab from The Mallinson Girls School was recognized as the best speaker of the tournament, displaying exceptional oratory skills. Aarav from Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, was commended for his courage in the face of adversity. Suhani Agarwal, representing The La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, was hailed as the most promising speaker.

The event’s Chief Guest, Mr. Anuj Tomar, the Deputy General Commandant of Home Guards and Civil Defence, graced the occasion with his presence, emphasizing the significance of maintaining the right attitude in life. The XXVI Rev. Dr. Samuel Slater Memorial Invitational Debate competition showcased not only the intellectual prowess of the participants but also the importance of critical thinking and effective communication in today’s world.

Anurag Singh Thakur Attends Meri Maati Mera Desh Closing Ceremony

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