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Philately, the King of Hobbies

Philately, the King of HobbiesKeekli Reporter, 2nd October, 2018, Shimla

A hobby which embodies everything — education, entertainment as well as earnings, as rightly said by the chief guest D K Mistri, Director Postal Services, HP, who inaugurated the two day Shimla Philatelic Exhibition (Simpex 2018) here today. The chief guest was warmly greeted by the members of the postal department and philatelists. President Philatelist Club Shimla, Maj (Dr) Ritu Kalra began with her presentation, her main theme being on Mahatma Gandhi and post- and pre-Independence era. A rare collection of stamp dating back to the printing of first stamps dated 1852. Thereafter all the philatelists, seniors and youth, showcased their collections and explained the themes and style of presentation adopted by them.

Philately, the King of HobbiesImpressed by the display Mistri said, “Philately is known as the kings of hobbies as it dates back to the years when kings themselves used to collect stamps. It is an attractive hobby for the children as through stamps kids learn a lot and it is a rich source of information. All stamps have a theme, which can either be flora, fauna, monuments, personalities, as all topics of the world are covered in various stamps issues by the Indian Postal department as well as the world postal offices.”

He added that by collecting stamps children’s creativity is enhanced, as it is an art of how to make a complete collection, what all is used, and by using a scientific approach they are also educated. He further laid emphasis that schools should be encouraged to open philately clubs so that children could participate in small groups, if not always as individuals. By holding inter-school philately competitions the interest in this hobby would grow.

Major Kalra said that she was happy to see that the level of presentations had improved and the growing interest by children and young philatelists was commendable. She also paid homage to India’s second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, who shares his birth Philately, the King of Hobbiesanniversary with Mahatma Gandhi.

A number of school students and visitors walked in to see the exhibits who were totally impressed to see such beautiful displays, which not only educated them but entertained as well. The visitors were all praises to view such amazing thematic show of stamps, which they categorized as rare, unique and cute.

Participants in the youth group (12-16 years) were Gauri Chandla, Raghav Chandla, Arnesh Chandel, Pragya Kumari Chandel, Palak Jain, Pritha Doegar, Anvikshiki Thakur, Amoghvikram Singh, Sarthak Sood, Aarav Thakur, Karmanya Verma, and Manvi Sood. Participants in (17-21 years) were Jayendra Singh, Raunak Sood, Yashvi Sood, Akash Gautam and Shubham Gautam and in the 22-25 years category were was Pankaj Verma, Vedant Chandel and Vidushi Chandel.

Senior group members were Inderjeet Kalra, Maj (Dr) Ritu Kalra, Neelam Chandel, Samriti Rana, Viney Chandla, Jainender Nath Chandla, Vinod Maria, Dr Anurag Sood, Mamta, Tanvi Ohri, Meena Chandel, Harshit Jain and Kanika Jain.

A special cover featuring Gandhi during his visit to Shimla was also released to mark Gandhi Jayanti by the chief guest, Sr Suptd Bali Ram, Major Kalra and senior members of the postal department.

The winners of the Simpex 2018 Exhibition will be announced on 3rd October.  (See All Videos)

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