Ek Tu Aur Ek Main Staged at Gaiety


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Play.6.8 (9)Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 6th August, 2016, Shimla

Struggle of an unsuccessful lawyer was very beautifully captivated and presented on the stage in the play Ek Tu Aur Ek Main at the Gaiety Theater, Shimla. The story was full of irony and humour as after 20 years a lawyer gets an opportunity to defend his first very client; which he got due to a typing error. Throughout the play the lawyer and his client have vintage points and try to defend his case.

When the real testing time comes the lawyer fails and because of his incompetency, the client’s case is dismissed by the court. The lawyer is taken back when he learns that he is the reason that the poor guy could not get a good lawyer as his confidence was shattered but the client gives a new prospective to the whole situation and says that it was his strategy and it is because of his wise decision pretending to get confused and stand still that he has been saved else there was no scope for it. The lawyer is filled with new hope and both leave the prison cell with new hopes and aspirations for their lives ahead.


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