Exceptional Performances during Festival of Differently-abled (FODA)


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Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 24th October, 2015, Shimla

FODA.Sports.24.10.15aThe very much appreciated and exceptional, Festival of the Differently-Abled (FODA) Sports Day and Fete was held at Bishop Cotton School here today. The special children who came from various institutes around Himachal participated in a variety of sporting activities with great enthusiasm. The Chief Guest for the event were Ranjana Chauhan and SP Lokayukta.

About 200 children came in to be a part of this extravagant festival from different institutes in the state. Sporting events like 50 mts, 75 mts and 100 mts races; 25 mts, 50 mts and 75 mts assisted walk; 100 mts normal walk were included to boost the morale of these special children. Fun filled games like musical chairs, skipping, soft ball throw and wheel chair race were also included which were thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

The institutes and organisations which participated in the event were Action for Barrier Free Handicap Integration, Shimla; Asha Kiran, Bilaspur; Astha, Nahan; Chinamay Ashram, Dharamshala; Chetna Sansthan, Bilaspur; Government Sr Sec School,  Dharamshala; Gyan Bharti School, Solan; Indian Association for the Mascular Dystrophy, Solan; National Association for the Blind, Kullu; Pehchaan, Shimla; Prem Ashram, Una; Rotary Sewa Asharam, Dharamshala; School for the Blind and Deaf, Dhalli, Shimla and The Learning Centre, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla.

The event began with unfurling of the Indian flag by S P Lokayukta which was followed by the National Anthem by the remarkable and artistic school band. The special tradition of lightning of the torch by the BCS Athletics Captain added charm to the event. Special March Past by all the participants won the hearts of everybody present on the occasion.

A special fete was also organised for the extraordinary visitors of the day, including fun games like lucky dip, ringing the bell, animal race and skittles. Mouth watering dishes in the food court such as dosa, chole puri, chaat, momos and lots more were loved by all the children.

School Headmaster Christopher Robinson appreciated the efforts of the children, and said, “These kind of festivals help the children to fight their disabilities and learn the spirit of sportsmanship. This festival plays a vital part in enhancing their confidence and helping them to interact with many others like them, who come here each year to be the part of the event. by organizing different events for them we try to focus on their strengths and give them an opportunity to feel reinforced, cheerful and contended”.

The headmaster, headmistress along with the dedicated faculty and the pure hearted students selflessly volunteer to be a part of the event every year and make the day memorable for the children.

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