Flowers and Cheers for the School Council!


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Chapsle.8.5 (1)

Chapslee Junior Celebrates Investiture with Inter House Flower Arrangement

Sonia Dogra, Keekli Reporter, 8th May, 2017, Shimla

Chapsle.8.5 (12)It was a day of celebrations at Junior Chapslee with the swearing in of the School Council and an Inter House Flower Arrangement scheduled on the same day. The school founder, Pranoti Singh was the guest of honour. She was welcomed by the students with a beautiful bouquet of roses and warm smiles.

Chapsle.8.5 (14)The Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain, Sports Vice Captain and House Captains were selected from Class VIII and the House Vice Captains from Class VII. The selected council was given the oath of duty and school badges by the chief guest who congratulated the school leaders, highlighting their areas of responsibilities and asking them to set an example with their leadership skills.

Chapsle.8.5 (9)This was followed by the Inter House Fresh and Dry Flower Arrangement Competition in which each house presented two entries.

Winner in the Fresh Flower Category: Nilgiri House followed by Vindhya House.

In the Dry Flower Category Nilgiri House was the winner and once again the second position was bagged by Vindhya House.

Members of the School Council

Head Boy: Parth Sharma

Head Girl: Bhavya Sharma

Sports Captain: Aditya Yog

Sports V. Captain: Shivani Thakur

Himalaya House – Captain: Kushagar; Vice Captain: Adyut Dangwal

Nilgiri House – Captain: Sohani Sharma; Vice Captain: Shruti Sharma

Shivalik House – Captain: Salvan Rayta; Vice Captain: Harshita Kashave

Vindhya House – Captain: Anik Mehta; Vice Captain: Sourav Bhatt


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