The Himachal Pradesh State Cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, convened and made significant decisions that will have a substantial impact on the state’s development and well-being.

Strengthening Local Involvement with ‘Van Mitra’ Scheme

One of the prominent decisions approved by the Cabinet is the ‘Van Mitra’ Scheme, which will engage one ‘Van Mitra’ in each of the 2061 Forest Beats. This initiative aims to enhance the participation of local communities in the protection, conservation, and development of forest areas. By involving grassroots-level institutions, the scheme seeks to empower communities and promote sustainable forest management.

HP Cabinet Decisions
HP Cabinet Decisions : Tax Reduction, Improved Transport, and Empowering Authorities

Filling Vacant Posts and Honoring Essential Services Personnel

The Cabinet has also approved the recruitment of 100 Forest Guards on a contractual basis, addressing the need for manpower in the Forest Department. Additionally, it announced an increase of Rs. 500 in the honorarium of Jal Rakshaks, Multi-Purpose Workers, Para Fitters, and Para Pump Operators of Jal Shakti Vibhag, recognizing their crucial roles in ensuring water resource management in the state.

Enhancing Pilgrimage Experience with a Ropeway System

To facilitate pilgrims, the Cabinet has given its nod to establish a passenger ropeway system from Chintpurni Baba Mai Dass Bhawan Parking to Chintpurni Temple in district Una. This move is expected to improve accessibility for devotees visiting the sacred temple.

Promoting Entrepreneurship and Disaster Communication (HP Cabinet Decisions)

The Cabinet decision also involves hiring 15 e-taxis in the Transport Department to improve public transport services. Furthermore, the promotion of Amateur and Community Radios for alternate communication during emergencies in all districts of the state will enhance information exchange and disaster response efforts.

Tax Reduction, Better Transport Facilities, and Empowering Authorities

The Additional Goods Tax on lead will be reduced by 25 paise per kg, which is expected to benefit businesses and consumers. Private operators will be granted 234 routes, while tempo travelers will get an additional 100 routes to provide improved transportation services to the people of the state.

Moreover, the Cabinet has empowered Traffic Inspectors, Motor Vehicles Inspectors, Senior Motor Vehicle Inspectors of the Transport Department, as well as Assistant Sub Inspectors and Head Constables of the Police Department to compound offenses under various sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Assistance for the Homeless and Disaster Relief

In an effort to support individuals who have been rendered homeless and those without suitable land for new house construction, the Cabinet has decided to provide two Biswas of land in urban areas and three Biswas of land in rural areas. Additionally, the Cabinet announced a special relief package for disaster-affected families. This includes increased compensation for completely damaged houses, partial damage to kutcha and pucca houses, shop or dhaba damage, and more. The special package is set to run from June 24, 2023, to September 30, 2023.

Amendments to Encourage Green Belt Development

The Cabinet has also approved an amendment to the Shimla Development Plan, allowing construction in the green belt areas where there are no trees. Residential construction in the green belt area will be permitted only on plots without trees. Furthermore, the H.P. Town and Country Planning Rules will be amended to permit construction at a distance of 5 meters from Nallah and 7 meters from Khad, encouraging responsible urban development. These critical decisions showcase the state’s commitment to promoting community involvement, infrastructure development, disaster management, and economic growth.

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