Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla released Shashank Mani’s book ‘Middle of Diamond India’ at Raj Bhavan today. Lady Governor Janaki Shukla was also present on the occasion. While appreciating the efforts of Shashank Mani, the Governor said that through ‘Middle of Diamond India’ the writer has shifted the centre of economic, social and politics of India from the upper class to the emerging middle class of the country and he has made a bold attempt. He said that the book highlights the unheard stories of marginalized people who were ignored for a long time because of their location and language.

Shri Shukla said that every person in the country needs to work to unite India and the ‘Jagriti Yatra’ run by Shashank Mani was doing the same. He said that India has a glorious past and our spirituality has kept the society united in some way or the other. He said that the example of social harmony was clearly visible in our rural environment. “People of every class lived together and this is the strength of India. If we want to understand India then we have to understand ‘Ram’, as Lord Rama paved the way for spirituality by taking every section of the society along with him”, said Shukla.

The book throws light upon the contribution of the middle class, its strength and its role in the development of the country, he said adding that the book provides a new thought towards India. This book also details in depth the history of India which was based on entrepreneurship and how strong the economy of the country was at that period, he added. He added that with the help of entrepreneurship, we could take forward the middle class and fulfil the dreams of developed India.

On the occasion, Shashank Mani welcomed and felicitated the Governor and Lady Governor. He said that this book of more than 13 chapters outlines a new vision of India on Amrit Kaal. Over these thirteen chapters, there are four key concepts, and these are brought to light through stories, anecdotes and extensive research, he added. He said that the book also mentions his Jagriti Yatra, the world’s largest rail journey, conducted across the country for the last 15 years, in which so far 7500 youth of the country have been trained and encouraged to become entrepreneurs. Rajesh Sharma, Secretary to the Governor and other prominent people were also present on the occasion.

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