Giving platform to young writers and helping them learn the nuances of writing, by mentoring them, guiding them to achieve their dreams is all part of our event. The second edition of Mimansa is the culmination of a meticulously crafted idea aimed at promoting literature. It originated as a book club but evolved over time into a book cafe, offering solace to lonely souls seeking refuge in the world of books.

Eventually, this concept expanded into a large-scale literature festival. Its success can be attributed to the support received from schools, as well as the enthusiastic participation of students, who eagerly engaged in the open category despite school limitations. A simple journey that started ten years ago has transitioned into a larger-than-life platform with annual inter-school competitions in Shimla, encompassing various activities such as story writing, declamations, poetry, sketching, and drawing, and our recent edition a theatre competition.

Each unique in its idea and presentation. Latest initiative is a talk show titled “व्यक्तित्व – बातचीत का कारवां” where in children sit and interview senior writers and personalities from various fields on a regular basis. This encourages children to shed their inhibitions and speak to writers and learn about their life and journey.   

The unwavering support and encouragement received by Keekli fuelled its commitment to fostering education and nurturing children’s latent talents. Keekli Charitable Trust, established in November 2018, is dedicated to promoting education among the city’s children and contributing to public health, women empowerment, and social welfare schemes.

The Trust, comprising like-minded individuals, including Vandana Bhagra as President, Namita Lal as Vice President, Ritanjali Hastir as Secretary, Isha Kumra as Assistant Secretary, Tarandeep Kaur as Treasurer, Shalini Prasher as Assistant Treasurer, Mamta as Communications Head and Mamta Thakur as Promotions Head – represent a diverse mix of professionals and homemakers united by a shared vision of effecting positive change in children’s lives and, by extension, their communities.

The Trust’s endeavors aim to serve as catalysts for social transformation, exemplified through initiatives such as annual blood donation camps, support for the Children’s Ward at IGMC Shimla. In this financial year we donated nearly one lakh rupees to eight children suffering from cancer for their medicines, apart from supporting with other aids as well.

In a span of just a few years our Team has publish seven books, all focusing on fostering readership and improving writing skills of children. Our titles include 51 Scintillating Tales, Fiction Treasure Trove, Himachal ke Rang, Lost in Apply Country, The Fatal Arrival & The Deadly Kitty, (all published under the Keekli’s Angels – Co-authorship and Mentoring Programme for Budding Authors, a novel initiative by Keekli Trust & Minakshi Chaudhry) and Dastaan Kahaniyo ki Duniya. All this has been possible as our senior writers work with us and take creative writing session and webinar to guide budding authors, first to become their own critics and then learn the art of editing to a stage.

We’re thrilled to announce that our book, “Himachal Ke Rang,” will be reaching 140 educational blocks in Himachal Pradesh through the Samagra Shiksha initiative. It will be available in libraries, offering children the opportunity to explore its stories. This initiative, born from a unique idea, showcased stories from Himachal’s writers aged 40 and above, resulting in 25 captivating tales published in an anthology.

These achievements underscore our commitment to bridging the gap between senior and young authors, fostering engagement with diverse and narratives. The books were published under the Keekli’s Angels – Co-authorship and Mentoring Programme for Budding Authors, a novel initiative by Keekli Trust & Minakshi Chaudhry.

This program aims to nurture children in the craft of creative writing, offering them the chance to co-author a book with Ms Chaudhry. This paid internship spans one year, culminating in the final publication of the collaborative book. Operated through a three-way partnership involving the author, Minakshi Chaudhry, and the Trust, this initiative empowers young talents, fostering their literary growth and providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

In this three days festival you witnessed nearly 250 plus students from 22 Schools, 6 colleges and 2 Universities. All the children received participation certificates and a souvenir bag including a book to encourage them to read. The inter school events really kept our jury members engaged as children were spirited in proving their mettle in a healthy & joyous manner, learning much in the process.

They definitely made the judging process difficult for our Judges, and thus they added awards in special categories. In 4 events and 12 different categories, the children will receive awards worth Rs 45,300, we would also like to acknowledge Dr Ravi Bhatia from Udaipur who donated quiz books for children as special awards. He heard about our endeavours through friends and loved our passion for making a difference in children’s lives. Appreciation is due to Ms Bharti Kuthiala who also donated her books to be awarded to children.  

Mimansa Dwitiya Literature Festival: Empowering Young Writers

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