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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 22 April, 2016, Shimla

StThomas.22.4.16aAn Inter-House Skit Competition – Value We Live By was organized by the students of St. Thomas School in the campus here today. Students from the four houses comprising Kasturi, Shipkila, Chinar and Toshqui gave a remarkable performance. The competition was organized by the school to showcase the talent of students.

During the competition Rohini, General Secretary of YWCA, along with the school principal Vidhupriya Chakraborty graced the occasion as chief guest. Both of them appreciated the hard work put in by the students as well as the teachers. They encouraged the students to follow their heart and leave no stone unturned to attain success in their lives.

StThomas.22.4.16bFour plays including Easy Way Not The Right Way by Kasturi House; The Hard Work by Shipkila House; Think Positive And Be Positive by Toshqui House and last but not the least The Nation Wants To Know by Chinar House were staged, each with a moral to educate and the audience.

“Easy”, dealt with the theme of peer pressure on a student for attaining good percentage and crack entrance exams. Considering their own reputation, parents force their child to take a wrong path and steal the examination paper. After such a fatal mistake, the parents realize their wrong attitude that compelled the child to go astray and soon understood that their child is more important than percentage.

“The hard”, depicted the story of a hard working farmer whose land is purchased by some rich man and against the same land he was given a barren piece of land. Through his hard work he manages to grow various crops on land whereas the land that rich man took away turned barren. It’s after talking to the farmer that the man realizes that there is no substitute to hard work.

“Think Positive”, revolved around a couple and their daughter. Husband and wife both have complaints about their lives and are complaining about daily duties. As both were busy complaining they see their daughter writing something and learned that she was noting down things that she was grateful for. Soon the parents understand that duties haven’t come alone instead it was a blessing in disguise as it gave meaning to their lives.

“The Nation”, was a satire on media. The story dealt with useless chat show where matters concerning national interest are given a back seat whereas some random cat roaming in street affected by domestic violence was given priority. The skit gave a meaningful message that media can impact one’s mind in a great way and one should not loose sense of judgment and power of reasoning at any cost.

Students including Ashish, Ritik, Shubham, Hitesh, Pratyush, Vikas, Pranav, Rajat, Kartika, Ishan, Anjali, Anchal, Rishab, Shahirum, Vandita, Savi, Kunal, Kushi, Shubham, Mridual, Kushal, Divesh, Jatin, Karan, Soniya, Sahil, Ayush, Anshul, Manoj, Karan, Deepali and Akshay showcased their acting talent on the stage.

As for the results Chinar House came first whereas Kasturi and Toshqui House came in second. The third position was secured by Shipkila House. Best narrator prize was bagged by Valdita and Jatin was declared the best actor.

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