PM Modi Addresses G20 University Connect Finale


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PM Modi Addresses G20 University Connect Finale
PM Narendra Modi addresses G20 University Connect Finale

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed the G20 University Connect Finale programme at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi today. The G20 University Connect initiative was undertaken with the aim to build an understanding of India’s G20 Presidency among India’s youth and enhance their participation in the different G20 events. The Prime Minister also released 4 publications on the occasion namely The Grand Success of G20 Bharat Presidency: Visionary Leadership, Inclusive Approach; India’s G20 Presidency: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam; Compendium of G20 University Connect Programme; and Showcasing Indian Culture at G20.

The Prime Minister began his address by recalling the hustle and bustle at the Bharat Mandapam two weeks ago during the G20 Summit and said that it had become a totally happening place. He expressed delight that the same venue is witnessing the future of India today. Noting that India has lifted the standards of organizing an event like G20 and the world is extremely surprised with it, Shri Modi emphasized that he is not at all surprised as it is the promising youth of India who had associated themselves with such an event. Events of such scale are bound to be a success when the youth associate themselves with it, he said. Prime Minister Modi credited the happenings in India to the youthful energy of the nation.

The Prime Minister said that India is becoming a happening place. It is evident from the activities of the last 30 days. Giving a recap of the last 30 days, the Prime Minister started by recalling the successful Chandrayaan mission when the entire world resonated with ‘India is on the moon’. “23 August has become immortal as National Space Day in our country”, the Prime Minister added.  In continuation with this success, India launched its solar mission successfully. Prime Minister Modi said, Chandrayaan covered 3 lakh km, and the solar project will cover 15 lakh km. “Is there any comparison of India’s range”, he said.

The Prime Minister underlined that India’s diplomacy has scaled new heights in the past 30 days. He touched upon the BRICS Summit that took place in South Africa before the G20 where six new nations were included as its members with India’s efforts. After South Africa, the Prime Minister mentioned traveling to Greece which was the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister in four decades. He also mentioned meeting several world leaders in Indonesia before the G20 Summit.

Highlighting that numerous key decisions were taken for the betterment of the world at the same Bharat Mandapam, the Prime Minister underlined that finding a common ground for all member nations on the same stage in a globally polarized atmosphere was a special achievement for the government.

“The unanimous New Delhi Declaration has become headlines all over the world”, the Prime Minister remarked as he mentioned that India has led several important initiatives and outcomes. Talking about the transformative decisions of the G20 that have the capacity to entirely change the direction of the 21st century, the Prime Minister mentioned the Inclusion of the African Union in G20 as a permanent member, International Biofuel Alliance led by India, India Middle East European corridor.

As soon as the G20 summit ended, the State Visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia took place and Saudi Arabia is going to make an investment of 100 billion dollars in India. The Prime Minister informed that he met with 85 world leaders in the last 30 days covering almost half of the world. Explaining the benefits of the growing international profile of India, the Prime Minister said that due to this, India gets new opportunities, new friends and new markets, providing new opportunities to the youth.

Referring to the steps taken by the government to empower the SC, ST, OBC communities, and the poor and the middle class in the past 30 days, the Prime Minister mentioned launching PM Vishwakarma Yojna on the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti which will greatly benefit artisans, craftsmen and traditional workers.

He mentioned the organization of Rozgar Melas to hand appointment letters of Central Government jobs to more than 1 lakh youth. The Prime Minister also informed that more than 6 lakh youths have been given appointment letters since the inception of Rozgar Melas. Prime Minister Modi also mentioned the inaugural session of the New Parliament taking place where the first bill to be passed was Narishakti Vandan Adhiniyam.

Throwing light on the latest developments in electric mobility, the Prime Minister mentioned the approval of a new scheme to empower the battery energy storage system in the country. Among other developments, Shri Modi touched upon the inauguration of Yashobhoomi Convention Centre in Dwaraka, New Delhi; laying the foundation stone of a new International Cricket stadium in Varanasi, and the flagging off of 9 Vande Bharat Trains.

The Prime Minister also mentioned laying the foundation stone for a petrochemical complex in a refinery in Madhya Pradesh along with a renewable energy IT Park, a Mega Industrial Park and six new industrial sectors in the state. “All these developments are associated with job creation and enhancing the skills of the youth”, Modi added.

The Prime Minister said that youth progress where there is optimism, opportunities and openness. The Prime Minister asked the youth to think big. “There is no achievement that is beyond you or the country is not behind you”, he said. He said that no occasion should be treated as small and that effort should be made to convert every activity into a benchmark. He illustrated this by giving an example of G20 which could have been a mere diplomatic and Delhi-centric event.

Instead, “India made G20 a people-driven national movement”, he said. He praised the participation of youth in the event as more than 1 lakh students from more than 100 universities participated in the G20 University Connect. The Government took the G20 to 5 crore students in schools, higher education and skill development institutions. “Our people think big and deliver even grander”, he added.

Reiterating the importance of the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal, the Prime Minister underlined the criticality of the period for both the nation and the youth. Dwelling on the convergence of the contributing factors, the Prime Minister said that India is among the fastest growing economies as the nation became 5th largest economy from 10th place in a very short time.

The global trust in India is strong and there is record foreign investment in the country. The export, manufacturing and service sector is scaling new heights. In just 5 years, 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty transitioning into India’s neo-middle class. “Strides in physical, social and digital infrastructure are ensuring new speed in the development. Physical infrastructure is seeing an investment of 10 lakh crore”, he added.

Talking about the new opportunities for the youth, the Prime Minister informed that about 5 crore registrations have taken place on EPFO payroll. Out of these, 3.5 crores have come into the ambit of EPFO for the first time, meaning this is their first formal block. He also talked about the phenomenal growth of startups in the country after 2014 from less than 100 to more than 1 lakh today.

“India is the second biggest mobile handset manufacturer in India. Defence exports increased by 23 times as compared to 2014. Mudra Yojana is making the youth a job-creator”, he said. He informed that 8 crore first-time entrepreneurs were created in the scheme and 5 lakh Common Service Centers were opened in India in the last 9 years.

Prime Minister Modi credited the positive developments taking place in the country to the political stability, policy clarity and democratic values. In the last 9 years, the Prime Minister emphasized that the Government has made honest efforts to curb corruption and gave the example of implementation of technology-based systems to control the middlemen and stop the leakages in the system. “Today, the honest are being rewarded while the dishonest are being taken to task”, Modi emphasized. 

“Clean, clear and stable governance is mandatory for continuing a nation’s development journey”, the Prime Minister emphasized. He underlined that if the youth of India are determined, then nothing can stop India from becoming a developed and atmanirbhar nation by 2047. He emphasized that the entire world is looking towards India with hope as they now recognize the potential of India and its youth. He said that the progress of India and its youth is extremely important for the progress of the world.

Noting that it is the spirit of the youth that enables the Prime Minister to make commitments on behalf of the nation, he said that the youth of India is the inspiration behind him when he puts forward India’s view on the world stage. “My strength lies in the youth of India”, the Prime Minister exclaimed and assured everyone of tirelessly working for the better future of India’s youth.

Impressed by the contributions of the youth in making the Swachh Bharat campaign a grand success, the Prime Minister appealed to them to take part in an extensive cleanliness campaign to be held across the nation on the 1st of October, 2023, a day before the Gandhi Jayant. His second request was about promoting digital transactions. He asked them to teach at least 7 people to operate UPI within a week. His third request was about Vocal for Local. 

He asked them to purchase ‘Made in India’ gifts during the festivals and appealed to make use of things that were indigenous in their origin. He asked them to do an exercise of making a list of things of everyday use and check how many of them are foreign-made. He said that many foreign-made objects unknown to us have encroached on our lives and getting rid of them is important for saving the country.

Noting that India’s college and university campuses can become crucial centers for ‘Vocal for Local’, the Prime Minister urged the students to make Khadi a fashion statement of the campus. He suggested conducting Khadi fashion shows and promoting the work of Vishwakarmas at college cultural fests. Noting that the three appeals made by the Prime Minister are for the betterment of the youth of today as well the future generations, he expressed confidence that the youth will leave Bharat Mandapam today with this resolve.

The Prime Minister said that unlike the stalwarts of the freedom struggle we did not get an opportunity to die for the country but we have all the opportunity to live for the nation. He said the youth of the decades a century ago had decided on the grand goal of Independence and that nation-wide energy freed the nation from colonial powers.

“Friends, come walk with me, I invite you. 25 years are in front of us, what happened 100 years ago, they moved for Swaraj, we can move for Samriddhi (prosperity)”, the Prime Minister exhorted the youth. “Aatmnirbhar Bharat opens new doors of prosperity and takes self-belief to new heights”, he added. He reiterated his guarantee of taking India into the top three economies, “That is why I need your support and cooperation for Maa Bharati and for 140 crore Indians”, he concluded.

Union Minister for Education and Skill Development, Dharmendra Pradhan was present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Dharmendra Pradhan expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking forward the global education agenda under G20 architecture which resulted in world recognition for India’s education and skill ecosystem.

He further said that today’s Prime Minister’s insightful interaction highlighting the speed, scale and full range of New India will inspire our Yuva Shakti to ‘Think and Dream Big’. Guided by PM Narendra Modi’s statesmanship, the country concluded an unparalleled G20 Presidency that brought the whole world together in the pursuit of prosperity. He congratulated the students’ for spearheading the Jan-bhagidari events and making G20 India truly a people-driven national movement.


The G20 Jan Bhagidari movement saw a record participation of more than 5 crore youth from different schools, higher education institutions and skill development institutes from across the country. The G20 University Connect initiative was undertaken with the aim to build an understanding of India’s G20 Presidency among India’s youth and enhance their participation in the different G20 events.

The programme engaged over 1 lakh students from universities across India. Initially planned for 75 universities to commemorate India’s 75 years of independence, the initiative eventually expanded its reach to 101 universities across India. Several programmes were held across the country under the G-20 University Connect initiative.

They witnessed extensive participation from higher education institutions. Further, what initially began as a programme for universities quickly grew to include schools and colleges, reaching an even wider audience. The G20 University Connect Finale was attended by about 3,000 students, faculty members, and Vice Chancellors of the participating Universities while students from across the country joined the live event.

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