Social Sciences Exhibition by St. Thomasians


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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 6th November, 2015, Shimla

StThomas.Exh6.11.15aStudents of St. Thomas School exhibited their creative skills in an exhibition covering science as well as social science projects. During the occasion Principal of Government School Lal Pani was the Chief Guest who showed great pleasure while viewing the exhibits. Being a science teacher he had keen interest in exhibitions related to science as he lauded the role of the staff and parents who encouraged students to experiment with various projects after reading theoretically.

Students exhibited great skillsStThomas.Exh6.11.15b in projects like soil erosion, solar and lunar eclipse, various pollutants including noise, water and air, kaleidoscope, sun clock, fire alarm and rain water harvesting in the science section whereas in the social science section students highlighted consumerism, cultivation, agriculture, unity in diversity, conserve and save resources to name a few.

School Principal Vidhupriya Chakravarty appreciated the efforts made by the students and encouraged them to further enhance their skills and become best in their own chosen fields.

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