Lavanya Muni, Class 6, Army Public School, Mhow, Indore

Sometimes I feel guilty about the things I did,
Things of which I can’t get rid.
Sometimes I feel guilty about the things I didn’t do,
Wondering why I missed the opportunities that God brew.

The best gift I can give myself,
Is probably forgiveness,
And then cut away will be the growth,
Of the sadness that my heart homes.

Time to time, I think of the real me,
Who I am, and who I’d like to be.
How better I would be with a little change,
Only if the pieces that build me could be rearranged.

The best gift I can give myself is owning who I am,
And then the door to under confidence,
Will finally be slammed.

Ever so often, I ponder upon this thought,
Why have I caged myself in a place no one ever sought?
Why do all my talents I suppress?
Why don’t I make my boundaries limitless?

The best gift I can give myself is freedom,
And then I’ll dance,
To the song I hum.

All these gifts have been received,
My soul is forgiven, Accepted and free.
And now I feel that I have been blessed,
With a spirit, merry and  content.

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