Army Day Celebrations, Army Training Command (ARTRAC) organized various events on the second day in ‘ Know Your Army ‘ Mela-2024 on 16 January 2024 at The Ridge, Shimla. The event had variety of attractions for the visitors and tourist to include Stalls and Kiosks displayingInfantry Weapon and Equipment, Specialized High-Altitude Warfare Equipment and information on recruitment in Indian Army.

Ancient Indian Martial Arts- ‘ Kaliyaripattu’ & ‘ Gatka’ were exhibited by Indian Army Soldiers and Military Martial Music enthralled and mesmerized the audience consisting of the local populace, School & College Students and Tourists. The major highlight of the program was ‘ Know Your Army Quiz’ , Extempore Speech and Drawing & Painting Competitions that were especially for the children.

The children, tourists and visitors appreciated and participated whole heartedly in the events. The winners were felicitated by Lt Gen Manjinder Singh, YSM, VSM, GOC-in-C Army Training Command and Mrs BarinderJit, Regional President AWWA, ARTRAC and awards and prizes were given to them.

In a remarkable display of artistic prowess, students from various schools across categories showcased their creativity in an Inter-School Drawing Competition. The event, organized with enthusiasm, saw spirited participation from budding artists from Class 1 to Class 12.

Category 1 (Class 1-5):

  1. First PlaceMiss Priti Acharya (Class 5 – KV Jutogh Cantt)
  2. Second Place – Miss Hemanya Sharma (Class 4 – Chapslee)
  3. Third PlaceMiss Vaamika (Class 4)
  4. Consolation PrizeMiss Arshiya Dutta (Class 5 – Loreto Convent Tara Hall)

Category 2 (Class 6-12):

  1. First PlaceMiss Ankita (Class 9 – Swaran Public School)
  2. Second PlaceMiss Akshita Chhajta (Class 12 – Loreto Convent Tara Hall)
  3. Third PlaceMiss Deepika (Class 9 – Swaran Public School)
  4. Consolation PrizeBhumika Shyam (Class 11 – KV Jutogh Cantt)

Impressive Performances in Extempore Speaking Competition

The Extempore Speaking Competition witnessed outstanding oratory skills and quick thinking from participants, showcasing their ability to articulate thoughts on the spot. The event featured both senior and junior categories, recognizing and celebrating the winners for their eloquence.

Senior Extempore:

  1. First Place – Navneeta (HPU)
  2. Second Place – Swapnil Suryan (Sanjauli College)
  3. Consolation Prize – Manu Sharma (St Bede’s College)

Junior Extempore:

  1. First Place – Alaina (DAV School)
  2. Second Place – Shivani (Swaran Public School)
  3. Third Place – Sanvi Kausha (Loreto Convent Tara Hall)
  4. Consolation Prize – Ayaranveer Singh

The competition not only provided a platform for literary enthusiasts to showcase their poetic talents but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants. The winners were applauded for their exceptional contributions, emphasizing the importance of artistic expression within the academic community. The event concluded with a sense of appreciation for the diverse voices that enriched the literary landscape of the university.

76th Army Day Celebrations At ‘Know Your Army’ Mela-2024

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