Art and Craft Exhibition held in Auckland Boys


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AHGB.Exhb.12.8 (1)Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 12th August, 2016, Shimla

Students of Auckland House School for Boys organized a spectacular creative talent in an art and craft exhibition held in the school premises. The day turned out to be very fruitful as the hard work and creative thinking of teachers, students and parents finally received its due appreciation. The day started with welcoming of the chief guest, CEO Election Commission Vikas Sood by the School Principal Michael A John.

The boys of Form Nursery to Ten displayed their art skills in various paintings including sponge, thumb and glitter painting. The hall was decorated with various pastings such as jute, paper, tooth picks, pepper corns, cloth, glitter, sequins, thermocol balls, wool, ice cream sticks, saw dust pasting, grass pasting, cotton pasting and thread pasting.

AHGB.Exhb.12.8 (41)Each artefact was one of its kinds and made one feel happy as it was an overall educative exhibition. The working models like fire and burglar alarm was the highlight. Other models like volcano, windmill, wildlife, animals and their food, toys made out of ice-cream sticks, scrapbooks and many more to name not only showed the IQ level but also pressed on the creative exposure that each child is receiving in the school. The exhibition of senior classes consisted of drawing, sketches, paintings such as nature painting, mayur painting, jute painting, handkerchiefs, cartoon bags, cushions, wood sticks painting, puzzle kit, wood craft, spring hung etc. The boys of the senior school displayed models in English, Science, Social Studies, Hindi and Sanskrit and all of them explaining the same with confidence to the visitors.

AHGB.Exhb.12.8 (27)Exhibition didn’t just give a glimpse of creative talent of students alone but also showed how good students are when it comes to public speaking. The Junior Section boys spoke on the following:-

Nursery -“The Boy who Cried, Wolf”, ” Before your food”- Trijal Sharma. LKG – Models of Transport— Athrav Jarial, Athrav Uppal.

UKG — Circus- Shimon Animals and their food—Dharak Chauhan, Form I–Currency — Sannat Verma Global warming — Shaurya Dutta, Form II—Means of Communication —Gunagya Gupta, Traffic rules and goad safety – Advitiya Bragta.

English Verb — Aadish Verma Collective Noun — Kirit Singh -III-B.

Social Studies National Symbols — Shreyan Sharma — IV-A National Symbols, Krish Khanna — IV-B Layers of Atmosphere Aaditya Pathak VII.

Maths Roman Numbers Types of Triangles — Shaurya Vatsayan, Ishpreet Singh.

Science Fire Alarm — IX — Arya Bhimta Toy Car, VIII— Shreay Verma Burglar’s Alarm —X — Arya & Akshin, Water Level Indicator —X — Manthan Wind Mill Savir Sharma.

Physical Education Basketball Court– X—Mahin Samuel John and Parvaldeep Singh.


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