The Bishop Gilbert Rego Inter-School Football Tournament, hosted by St. Edward’s School, came to an exhilarating conclusion on October 2, 2023. Over the course of four action-packed days, eight schools showcased their exceptional talent and sportsmanship in a battle for the prestigious trophy. In an epic final showdown, Bishop Cotton School emerged as the champions, defeating their opponents with a score of 2-1 in a nail-biting match.

The tournament witnessed intense competition from top schools including St. Edward’s School, D.A.V Lakkar Bazaar, D.A.V New Shimla, Roots Country School, St. Luke’s School, JCB School, and Sambhota Tibetan Chotta Shimla. In the semi-finals, fans were treated to thrilling clashes. The first semi-final between D.A.V New Shimla and Bishop Cotton School ended in a dramatic tiebreaker, ultimately won by BCS with a score of 3-1 in extra time and penalty shootouts. Meanwhile, in the second semi-final, St. Edward’s School displayed dominance with an impressive 8-0 victory over Sambhota Tibetan School Chotta Shimla.

Arnav Dhanta of St. Edward’s School was hailed as the tournament’s best player, contributing three crucial goals to his team’s resounding victory. Prior to the final match, St. Edward’s School paid a heartfelt tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 154th birth anniversary, a testament to the values of peace and sportsmanship that the tournament upholds. School Principal Rev. Fr. Anil Wilson Sequeira congratulated the victorious Bishop Cotton School and commended all participating teams for their sportsmanship and exceptional talent. He also expressed gratitude to the tournament organizers and sponsors for their support.

Notable awards were presented to outstanding players, with Suketu of St. Edward’s School being recognized as the best player of the tournament. Krish from Bishop Cotton School earned the title of Top Scorer, while Aashman was acknowledged as the best goalkeeper. Manhar Arora was honored as the most promising player, and Dhyanam received recognition as the best defender. Distinguished guests at the event included Mrs. and Mr. Simon Weale and Mrs. Chetna Anirudh Singh, adding to the grandeur of this memorable occasion.

The Bishop Gilbert Rego Inter-School Football Tournament 2023 will be remembered not only for the fierce competition on the field but also for the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that united these schools in the pursuit of excellence in football. Congratulations to Bishop Cotton School for their well-deserved victory, and to all the participants for making this tournament a remarkable success.

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