Colourful Janamashtmi Celebrations at SHEMROCK Smartkids


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Keekli Reporter, 23rd August, 2016, Sanjauli

ShemrockSmarties.23.8.16gWhen it comes to festivities and celebrations, SHEMROCK Smartkids are always on the go. Yes, the school was a colourful and bright picture of little Krishna’s and Radha’s as the children and staff got together to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in a traditional way.

As many as twenty eight children were a part of this festivity. Ardhvi, Anvi, Ridhima, Aarvi, Kavya and Shivanshi were dressed as little Radhas and the roles of naughty Krishna were well played by Yuvain, Gajnesh, Abeer, Saiyam, Krish and Aprajit.

Dressed as the eternal God and Goddess, the tiny tots were a sight to behold. It was a morning full of learning and fun for all of them. The participants and the spectators were in full ‘josh’ and must have certainly carried home immortal tales of this Janamashtmi!

It takes great effort to organize these events for children of such tender age and the initiative of the Principal Guneet Kaur, Director Sheetaljit Kaur and their staff is worthy of appreciation.



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