In a stimulating seminar held during the ongoing HC Rai Centenary ArtFest, by experienced artists and experts namely SN Kushwaha, BS Baloria, Bhim Singh, Dr Saroj Chandel and KK Kamra, came together to discuss and shed light on the profound necessity of art in our lives. The event was primarily geared towards Fine Arts College students, offering a platform to gain valuable insights from distinguished individuals within the art community. The seminar was a remarkable gathering that exemplified the enduring significance of the arts and their indispensable role in our lives. The HC Rai Centenary ArtFest is a celebration of art and culture, commemorating the legacy of the renowned artist HC Rai. The festival features a diverse range of artistic endeavours and events, uniting artists, students, and art enthusiasts in a dynamic exploration of creativity.

The Expression of Human Emotion: The seminar highlighted the role of art as a profound medium for expressing complex human emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Experienced artists emphasized that art serves as a powerful conduit to convey messages that words alone cannot.

Cultural Preservation: It was emphasized that the arts are vital for preserving and celebrating the diverse cultures that make up our world. Through various art forms, societies can ensure that their rich traditions, history, and values continue to thrive and evolve.

Creative Problem Solving: The resource persons stressed the importance of arts in fostering creativity and critical thinking. Art encourages individuals to explore unconventional solutions and approach problems from diverse angles.

Mental Health and Well-Being: A significant part of the discussion revolved around the therapeutic benefits of engaging with art. Creating, viewing, or participating in artistic endeavours can promote mental health, offering solace, self-expression, and stress relief.

Inspiration and Social Commentary: Artists shared their belief that art has the power to inspire individuals and entire communities. Furthermore, they discussed its ability to address societal issues, prompt dialogue, and challenge norms.

Economic Contribution: The economic significance of the arts was not overlooked. The seminar highlighted how the creative industries contribute to employment, tourism, and economic growth, underscoring the practical necessity of art in contemporary society.

The HC Rai Centenary ArtFest seminar successfully reaffirmed the crucial role of the arts in our lives. It encouraged the students to recognise the vast potential that the arts offer in shaping their careers, and society at large. As the festival continues, attendees are poised to experience an array of artistic expressions that capture the essence of these discussions.

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