Shemrock Buttercups, a renowned school in Shimla, celebrated its annual day at Kali Bari with great enthusiasm and grandeur. The theme of the event was “Languages of India,” showcasing the rich linguistic diversity of the country.

The event was graced by the presence of Chief Guest, Mahapari Surendra Chauhan, and Guest of Honor, Deputy Chief Mahapari Uma Kaushal. The school’s little stars captivated the audience with their performances, dancing to Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Himachali tunes, displaying the cultural richness of our nation.

The young talents of the school also spread the message of peace and love with their heartfelt performance of the song “Heal the World.” Additionally, the children narrated short stories, adding depth and charm to the program.

The event showcased the school’s dedication to promoting cultural diversity, unity, and love in the hearts of the students and the community. The school’s teachers, Neetika, Reena, Anu, and Radhika, provided valuable support throughout the event, ensuring its success.

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