Shimla Nursing College-Shimla organized 15th FRESHER’s PARTY & AN OATH TAKING CEREMONY 2024 for nursing students. This college established in year 2009. A cultural feast marked the fresher’s party & Oath taking ceremony with the theme “EUPHORIA” signifies the feeling of happiness organized at Shimla Nursing College-Shurala with great fervor and enthusiasm on 10th Feb, 2024 to welcome the students of first year of M.Sc (N), P.B.SC (N), B.SC (N) & GNM students.

Mrs Suman Attri– Nursing Superintendent – Kamla Nehru Hospital- Shimla grace the occasion as the Chief Guest and Mrs Anita Kutlehria Nursing Superintendent- IGMC, Secretary of Shimla Nursing College- Dr. Kimi Sood presided over the program as our esteemed guest along with teaching and non teaching staff and nursing students. Principal, Dr. Krishna Chauhan of Shimla Nursing College, honored & welcomed Mrs Suman Attri– the chief guest and Mrs Anita Kutlehria as guest of honour and others.

The program commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony by Suman Attri– – the chief guest and Mrs Anita Kutlehria as guest of honour , Dr. Kimi Sood, Dr. Krishna Chauhan along with other dignitaries which was followed by ‘welcome speech ‘and ‘Saraswati vandana” classical dance’. Oath taking ceremony for new comers (PBSc, BSc (N) & GNM) was administered by Mrs Suman Attri– Nursing Superintendent – Kamla Nehru Hospital- Shimla to perform their services with loyalty, honesty, & compassion to nursing profession.

Various young dancers performed cultural activities such as fusion dance, Bollywood dance, Solo dance, Rajasthani dance & Nati etc leaving the audience spellbound. Melodious songs presented by the students, was a musical feast for the audience. Students participated with enthusiasm in most interested & entertaining modeling round for the crown of Ms Fresher’s and showed their extra talents besides studies. Ms. Ritika Soni & Mrs Pallavi Pathania Associate Professors and Mrs Netali Astt. Professors were the judges for the modeling round.

The winners of the Miss Fresher 2024 competition at Shimla Nursing College showcased remarkable qualities and talents, reflecting the diversity and excellence within the nursing student community:

  1. Ms. Bharti (B.Sc Nursing – 1st year) – Crowned as Ms. Fresher 2024, Ms. Bharti demonstrated outstanding qualities that captured the attention of the judges. Her poised demeanor, confidence, and likely exemplary academic achievements in her first year of B.Sc Nursing contributed to her well-deserved victory.
  2. Ms. Kiran (GNM – 1st year) – Securing the position of 1st Runner-up, Ms. Kiran displayed commendable attributes that earned her recognition. As a General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) student in her first year, she likely exhibited a combination of clinical skills, compassion, and dedication to patient care.
  3. Ms. Ishay Seldon (GNM – 1st year) – Earning the title of 2nd Runner-up, Ms. Ishay Seldon demonstrated her potential and commitment to the nursing profession. As another GNM student in her first year, she likely impressed the judges with her skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm for nursing.
  4. Ms. Bharti Bhardwaj (Post Basic B.Sc – 1st year) – Recognized for her captivating smile, Ms. Bharti Bhardwaj showcased a warm and welcoming demeanor that resonated with the judges and earned her the title of ‘Ms. Beautiful Smile’. Her positive attitude and ability to uplift others likely contributed to her distinction.
  5. Ms. Pallavi (GNM – 1st year) – Acknowledged for her outstanding personality, Ms. Pallavi stood out among her peers with her charisma, charm, and likely strong interpersonal skills. Her ability to connect with others and make a positive impression likely made her a deserving recipient of the ‘Ms. Personality’ title.
  6. Ms. Twish Negi (B.Sc Nursing – 1st year) – Receiving the title of ‘Ms. Eve’, Ms. Twish Negi likely impressed the judges with her grace, poise, and talent. As a first-year B.Sc Nursing student, she likely showcased confidence and versatility in her performance, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Shimla Nursing College Hosts 15th Freshers Party & Oath Taking Ceremony 2024

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