The St. Edward’s Model United Nations Conference for 2023, held on October 7-8, opened with a spectacular Inaugural Ceremony. Dr. Abhishek Jain, an esteemed IAS officer from the 2002 Himachal Pradesh cadre, presided over this remarkable event.

Distinguished Government Official

Dr. Jain, currently holding prestigious positions including Home Secretary, Secretary to the Chief Minister, Secretary of IT, Secretary of Finance, Planning, Economics, and Statistics, and Secretary of Labour and Employment in the Himachal Pradesh Government, brought gravitas to the occasion.

St. Edward‘s Model United Nations Conference 2023

Delegates from Nine Prestigious Schools

Over 160 delegates from nine prestigious schools, accompanied by their dedicated faculty advisors, joined the ceremony. This diverse gathering set the stage for an intellectually stimulating conference.

A Showcase of Talent

The Inaugural Ceremony featured captivating songs and a mesmerizing dance performance, showcasing the highest levels of artistry and skill. The tireless efforts of all involved received unanimous commendation from the gathered attendees.

Inspiring Address by Chief Guest (Model United Nations Conference 2023)

Dr. Jain, as the Chief Guest, delivered an inspiring address that left the audience with renewed enthusiasm for the two-day conference. The conference agenda included critical global topics such as a Joint Parliamentary Session, International Court of Justice, United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations General Assembly, and International Press.

A Touch of Compassion: Daan Utsav

In a first for the enchanting city of Shimla, the MUN students initiated the celebration of Daan Utsav, the Joy of Giving festival. Their acts of compassion included raising funds and generously distributing school bags filled with art supplies and goodies to the Human Hope Foundation. They also extended their warmth and care to the community’s four-legged friends by distributing food and medicine. Additionally, they distributed one hundred care packages to those in need.

Artistic Brilliance and Culinary Delights

To add another dimension of excellence to the occasion, an exhibition of students’ artwork was showcased. Members of the Cuisine Club prepared delectable food for the guests, turning the event into a gastronomic delight.

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