State Government Facilitates Extended Access To School And College Grounds


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Recognizing the paramount importance of physical activities in students’ overall development and addressing the growing concerns surrounding excessive cell phone usage, the State Government has taken a momentous step to support extended access to school and college grounds beyond official closing times. A spokesperson of the Education department informed here today that this initiative aims to provide students with the opportunity to engage in sports activities and strike a healthier balance between their digital and physical lives.

He said that the usage of School or college grounds for the purpose of sports activities will be allowed only to the enrolled students of that particular school or college. In today’s digital age, the pervasive presence of mobile devices has resulted in a significant rise in cell phone dependency among students. Excessive screen time not only contributes to sedentary behaviour but also impacts their physical health, social interactions, and personal growth.

The State Government understands the need to address these challenges and promote a more active and well-rounded lifestyle for students, said the spokesperson. By encouraging extended access to school and college playgrounds, the government seeks to redirect students’ attention from the addictive allure of cell phones to more physically engaging pursuits. Engaging in sports activities not only improves physical fitness but also nurtures important life skills.

Including teamwork, discipline, resilience, and leadership. Furthermore, participating in sports fosters social interactions and promotes a sense of camaraderie among students, enhancing their overall well-being besides preventing them from getting involved in the drug menace. He said that the decision to support extended access to school and college playgrounds underscores the government’s commitment to the holistic development of students in the state. By providing them with opportunities to participate in sports activities, the government aims to create an environment that nurtures their physical, social, and emotional growth.

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