Fulfilling the promises of providing festival allowance to the orphans and inmates of Bal Ashrams, the state Government has released the festive allowance of Rs 500 each for such children to light up their Deepawali festivity under the ambitious Mukhya Mantri Sukh Ashraya Yojana. The State government has released a total of Rs. 5,27,000 as festive allowance to the ‘Children of the State’ living in Child Care Institutions.

Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu
State Government Releases Festive Allowance For Orphans And Bal Ashram Inmates

Apart from this, Rs. 3,27,500 have also been released to these institutions on the occasion of Diwali so that timely Deepawali preparations are ensured in these institutions. Under the Sukh Ashray Yojana, the government provides Rs. 500 per child as festival allowance to all the ‘Children of the State’ during festivals. Apart from this, Rs.5,000 is given to those Child Care Institutions having the capacity to accommodate 25 or less children and Rs 10,000 to the Child Care Institutions having the capacity of more than 25 children.

Earlier also the government had released Rs 5,27,000 as festival allowance and Rs 3,27,500 to Child Care Institutions on the occasion of Dussehra festival. A total of Rs 17,09,000 has been released by the government on these festivals. In his first decision after the formation of the government, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu had launched the Sukh Ashray Yojana, taking a pledge to provide support the dependent and vulnerable section of the society.

Since then, the government has taken many steps for the upliftment of orphan children and other vulnerable sections. Under the scheme, the state government will provide monthly pocket money of Rs 4,000 to orphan children up to 27 years of age, rupees One lakh for coaching, three biswa of land and rupees Three lakh for house construction, rupees Two lakh as grant for marriage and rupees Two lakh as grant for setting up micro and small industry. With the focus on public welfare, Chief Minister Sukh Ashray Fund has also been formed under the Chief Minister Sukh Ashray Yojana.

The Chief Minister has donated his one month’s salary in the fund and Congress MLAs have given rupees One lakh each. Donors from all sections of the society are also contributing to this noble cause. The purpose of this fund is to pave the way for prosperity and equal opportunities for the needy in the near future. It is clear from these beneficial decisions that the state government is not taking welfare decisions for the sake of enjoying power but with the resolve of ‘Vyavastha Parivartan’.

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