Students Showers Teachers with Love, Gratitude & Affection — Teachers Day Celebrations 2015


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Ritanjali Hastir, Keekli Reporter, 4th September, 2015, Shimla

It is often said that a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his /her influence stops and one such day to honour and value teachers is September 5 popularly known as Teachers’ Day. Dr S. Radhakrishnan, whose birth anniversary is celebrated as Teachers’ Day every year was an ideal teacher with a very strong character. He was born on 5th September, 1888 and when he became the President of India, people approached him and requested him to allow them to celebrate Sept 5, but in reply he said instead of celebrating my birthday it would be my privilege if this day is observed as Teacher’s Day.

Orchid Prep School Kiddies Honour their Teachers

It is often said that those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well; and to show one’s gratitude little tiny tots of Orchid Prep School celebrated Teachers’ Day in school on 3rd September , 2015.

During the event little kids including Vinya; Vihaan; Anaya; Radhika; Armaan; Abigya; Advika; Kevin; Eva; Nivaan; Anushka; Tiska; Yasheta; Navya; Krishita; Arya; Aditya; Aarush; Himani; Dhruvika; Raunaq; Arnav; Ayush; Vagisha; Ishita; Anvi; Avani; Saanvi; Satvik and Khushwant  recited poems to honor and praise their teachers one by one. Poem recitation was then followed by a play performed by teachers giving the message for being kind, well cultured and friendly.

While speaking on the occasion School Principal Neelam Vij said, “Our aim is to provide with best education to the students. Love and patience are the key factors that make the student motivated to achieve new heights in life. We need to be their friend and then make them learn by involving with them. We want them to grow and be confident enough to face the world when they join new schools”.

“Recently we have taken up Franchise of Arushi – The School of Hope (Special Children) and Arushi Shinning Stars (For Underprivileged Children) who were also invited to the celebration of Teachers’ Day”.

The last event of the day was students presenting Teachers’ Day greeting cards to teachers and finally the day concluded with distribution of gifts by teachers to students.

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Students of BSN School Chakkar Bestow Gift of Love for their Teachers

A two day event was planned by the students of BSN School Chakkar as the junior wing comprising of nursery to Class V celebrated Teachers’ Day on 3rd September and the senior wing from Classes VI to X honoured their teachers on 4th September. School Chairman RD Kashyap graced the occasion and Principal Kalpana Sharma were present accompanied by their teachers to witness the fun filled day planned by their students. On this day a special commemorative service was also organized for their beloved former Founder Principal Late Usha Sharma, who had established the school in 1974.
Students of Nursery Class danced on the tune Nanha Munna Rahi; Kindergarten kids performed on the song Joobi Doobi, while the Class I students danced on Natti and Class II showcased a play ‘on how negativity can affect our lives ‘. Other equally entertaining performances included a note on benefits of Yoga, a group song Dal Dal Par Chiriya Karti Basera, folk dance of Haryana Jhumar, I love My India, and a group dance Woh Kisna Hai by Class V students.

Senior students too had planned quite a few interesting and engaging events for their beloved teachers, which included a great selection of Bengali, Manipuri, Kashmiri, Rajasthani and Bhangra dances followed by a group song Maula Mere Maula. The highlight of the day was a dance on Janmashtmi Jab Madhuban Mai by students of Class X, taking on a journey of 100 years of Bollywood.

Quite a few games were organized for the teachers, as it started with bursting of balloons as they entered the hall. There was a one minute samosa eating game without using hands and the winner was Kiran Sharma, Helpers and other games included marbles guessing and plate balancing which were won by Mr. Ramesh and Mrs Sunita respectively. The Treasure hunt game was won by Kanchan Lata. Another classic game was eating jalebies which were tied on a thread.

A morning which was loved by all and the teachers were touched with the love and affection of their students.

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Teachers’ Day Celebrated by AHS (Girls)

Young students of Auckland House School (Girls) seized the opportunity and exploited the moment to show their love, gratitude and affection for their beloved teachers. They organized a cultural programme to show their teachers how much they love them and how deeply their actions have touched their lives by making them learn and develop their skills.

The event started with a welcome song followed by dance and a Punjabi comic filler Preeto Da Vhya. Everyone present in the hall enjoyed the performance to the maximum.

Hearts of all were touched by the cute performances by the students and eyes of all teachers sparkled with joy after seeing the affection adorned on them. They all felt proud of their students and were overwhelmed with joy.

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Auckland Boys Celebrate Teachers’ Day

Like all other schools Auckland House School (Boys) celebrated the Teachers’ Day to show respect, love and care for their teachers. The day was celebrated with the cultural program organized by young talented students.

The highlight of the day was ‘BIG Guru Kool Award’ that BIG FM Shimla awarded to teachers on this special day. The award ceremony was held in the school auditorium and the awards were presented by Shimla Deputy Mayor, Tikender Panwar.

The awards were organized by BIG FM Shimla, to honour the teachers who were voted best by students during a contest arranged with them. It was an effort on part of the organizers to celebrate and show respect for the teachers who have great contribution in shaping the lives of the students.

While speaking on the occasion Panwar said, “It is a great pleasure to be part of the ceremony. With passage of time there has been a complete change in the teaching methods and even the current methods will change. Rules have changed since times when I was in school. Caning was a routine affair but now that approach has changed. One thing that has not changed from time memorable is that teachers are putting their hundred percent to shaping the future of their disciples”.

“Being a teacher is a difficult job, as I know their value. To be a great teacher it is not only the knowledge but the aura that needs to be created. The comfort zone for students to learn and share takes a lot”, he added further.

During the ceremony teachers including  Sawti Bhel (AHS Girls); Sangeet Raj Khanna (AHS Boys); Baljeet Kaur (Laureate Public School);  Mausmi Negi (Portmore); Rakesh Sharma (Shimla Public School);  Gaurav Sharma (DAV Lakkar Bazaar) and Nisha (Prinston) where awarded.

Students expressed their gratitude and love for all the teachers present.

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Teachers’ Day Celebrations at Guru Nanak Foundation Public School, Mohali

gnpfs.teachers.4.9.155th September is an important and memorable day in the history of events as it is celebrated as Teachers’ Day and on this auspicious day the students celebrated it by remembering the great sacrifices made by the first Vice President and second President of India, Dr R. Radhakrishnan.

To celebrate this day, Guru Nanak Foundation Public School, Sector-92, Mohali organized a function in which the students participated with great zeal. The entire event was headed by the Student Council Members. Students delivered speeches on life history of Dr S. Radhakrishnan. It was a fun filled day with the students orgainsing various games and giving prizes to the teachers. Principal Namita Lal said, “Teaching is a gratifying and a humbling experience. On this Teacher’s Day, I exhort every teacher to experience the joy of making a difference in the society, the greatest gift of all. Dear teachers, give your best to each student and remember — God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them”.


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