Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu held a meeting with Vice President of United Parcel Service (UPS) Christina Struller Da Costa and Director Dinkar Singh here late Thursday evening. UPS, the world’s largest logistics company, offered to extend a helping hand to Himachal Pradesh to overcome the aftermath of the disaster caused by monsoon fury.

UPS Offers Drone Technology And Free Medicines In Himachal Pradesh

The Dubai-based company offered the State Government for providing assistance in the form of drone technology for the transportation of medicines and vaccines to remote areas of the state. Additionally, the UPS also assured to supply much-needed medicines and vaccines to the State Government ‘free of cost’.

Expressing gratitude to the company for the proposal of advanced logistics technology to improve healthcare delivery in remote areas, the CM said that the Department of Digital Technology and Governance would develop a detailed proposal for the company, and the state government would decide to rope in the services of the company thereafter taking into consideration their proposal.

Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that Himachal Pradesh has been grappling with extensive damage caused by the torrential rains and landslides during the monsoon season, resulting in huge losses to both public and private properties. He said: “In response, the State Government has been tirelessly working to assist affected individuals, despite limited resources.

To aid in the recovery efforts, the government has allocated a relief package of Rs. 4500 crore.” The Chief Minister said that the invaluable support from the people of the state, marked by a historic donation exceeding Rs. 200 crore to the Aapda Rahat Kosh-2023, and their enthusiastic willingness to lend a helping hand, have played a crucial role in alleviating the challenges faced during this difficult period. Secretary, Digital Technology and Governance, Dr. Abhishek Jain was also present in the meeting.

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