Keekli Reporter, 14th March, 2018, Shimla

As a step towards empowering women and to ensure safety at home as well as public places, the District Administration Shimla has brought out a Women Safety Handbook that encapsulates relevant information regarding self defence techniques, tips for personal safety in real and virtual spaces, important legal provisions and safeguards regarding crimes against women, sexual harassment at work place as well as important phone numbers/helpline numbers.

It was felt that in the remote areas, girl students do not have access to Internet facilities to know about self defence techniques. The endeavour was to make a compact and easy to carry booklet which contains information relevant to the safety of women. We feel that this would go a long way in instilling self-confidence among young girls and women and help them navigate potentially uncomfortable situations deftly.

Ten thousand copies of this handbook shall be given to all university and school going girls from Classes 9th to 12th as well as college going girls and working women. Special copies of this handbook have been printed in Braille both in English and Hindi for dissemination among visually impaired girls so as to help empower them and make them self-sufficient.

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