Brilliant Acting Skills Showcased by Cottonions — Inter House English One Act Plays


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Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 15th August, 2015, Shimla famous American Academy winner actor Bruce Davison once said “A good actor is somebody who can be truthful and fascinating and interesting and enlightening”, the amateur actors of Bishop Cotton School showcased their magnificent acting skills and imbibed the four characteristics described by Davison by presenting some breathtaking plays during the Inter House English One Act Play Competition 2015 held here today. The chief guest for the occasion was the Headmaster, R. C. Robinson.

The evening began with the performance by the boys of Rivaz House who chose a farce by Walter Watts, An Irish Engagement. The story revolves around two young people who are compelled to be married in future by their fathers. The actors who staged the play were Piyush Jain, Ateek Gupta, Hemang Jindal, Ishaan Sharma, Rudraksh Pandey and Sagar Verma. The performance was followed by the fresh and inspiring actors of Ibbetson House performing the play titled The Sheriff’s Kitchen, a tale of food, comedy and deception, and how the circumstances lead a man of religion to turn to gluttony. The cast for the play was Digvijay Chauhan, Abhishek Behl, Adhiraj Sirkeik, Divanshu Sangwan, R.B. Khattri and Ranbir Singh.

Next came the quirky love story by Lefroy House, You do love me, Don’t You? A tale of two star crossed  and passionate lovers. The role of passionate lovers was flawlessly played by Aditya Raj Budhiya and Dhruv Sood, the other cast members included Dhruv Bhardwaj, Agrim Sood and Aryaman Gopalka.

The last play to end the dramatic evening was The Exchange staged by Curzon House. The play was based on a meeting between two biggest gang mafias which ends up in an explosion. The students performed brilliantly and kept the audience glued to their seats as they revealed the awe-inspiring suspense story. The cast of the play included Shalabh Thakur, Kanav Sud, Kartik Walia, Akshit Rathore and Navraj Guron.

The final house standings were as follows : First – Ibbetson‚ Second – Curzon‚ Third – Lefroy and Fourth – Lefroy.

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