In an exciting and innovative endeavor, the Language and Culture Department of Himachal Pradesh, in collaboration with the Keekli Charitable Trust, is set to host a Children’s Theatre Festival – Inter School Hindi Drama Competition. The event is scheduled to take place on the 14th and 15th of October at the historic Gothic Hall of the Gaiety Theatre in Shimla.

Children’s Theatre Festival In Shimla: Bridging Language, Culture, And Creativity

Inauguration by Rajesh Sharma

The festival is set to kick off on the 14th of October at 10:00 am, with the inauguration ceremony presided over by Rajesh Sharma, IFS, State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, H.P.

Children's Theatre Festival In Shimla

A Platform for Creative Expression

The heart of this festival lies in bridging the gap between the young readers and the accomplished writers of Himachal Pradesh. It aims to connect school students with senior writers who have penned captivating stories. The innovative concept behind the festival is to adapt these regional stories into playscripts and bring them to life on stage. The Children’s Theatre Festival, an Inter-School Hindi Drama Competition, opens its doors to schools across the region.

A Collaborative Effort

This grand endeavor is a collaborative effort between the Language & Culture Department, HP, and the Keekli Charitable Trust, Shimla. It promises to be a theatrical treat as 15 schools are set to participate in the event. However, the festival isn’t just about competition. It represents a six-month journey, involving workshops for both teachers and students, designed to enhance their skills and impart knowledge about the art of theatre.

Distinguished Guests and Core Team (Children’s Theatre Festival)

The event boasts of illustrious Chief Guests from the world of theatre and art, including Kumud Kumar Mishra and Suneel Sinha, with MK Raina as the Guest of Honour. The festival was announced in May 2023, following the formation of a Core Team responsible for overseeing the event’s progress and conducting essential sessions.

Children's Theatre Festival In Shimla: Bridging Language, Culture, And Creativity

Writers were invited to submit short stories, which were selected based on adaptability and story ideas. The Core Team, comprising individuals like Srinivas Joshi, Dr. Kamal Manohar Sharma, Amala Rai, Vivek Mohan, Kedar Thakur, and Dr. Praveen Bhatia, played a pivotal role in shaping the guidelines and conducting workshops with teachers and students.

Three Aspects of Theatre

The festival revolves around three key aspects of theatre:

  1. Stories written by Himachal Pradesh writers, adapted into scripts by students, selected based on merit in consultation with eminent writers.
  2. The scripts will be transformed into One Act Plays by participating students and teachers, with a duration of 15 to 20 minutes and a maximum of 15 participants per school.
  3. Preparations culminate in the final performances, with workshops for teachers, school visits, and final rehearsals to receive feedback and technical expertise from the Core Team.

A Platform for Skill Building and Awareness

Throughout the event, the focus remains on skill-building for both educators and students, fostering an interest in this multifaceted art form, and introducing children to the writers from their own state.

Grand Finale

The eagerly awaited grand finale is set for the 14th and 15th of October, with nine plays on the first day and six on the second. Over 200 students are participating, all of whom will receive participation certificates. In addition, 15 categories of prizes, including Best Adaptations, Best Performance, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Props, Best Costume, Best Production Design, and a Special Jury Award will be presented. Notably, writers and the core team will also be recognized and receive souvenirs for their contributions.

Participation Details

  • Arya Samaj School, Shimla: Dr. Sushil Kumar Phul – “You Singh Lapata Hai”
  • Bishop Cotton School, Shimla: K R Bharti – “Fauji Chacha”
  • Blue Bells Public School, Shimla: Rudra Chauhan – “Deodar Ka Ped”
  • Chapslee School, Shimla: Rekha Vashisht – “Gumshuda”
  • Government Utkrisht Senior Secondary School Chhota Shimla, Shimla: Agrita – “Princess Aurora and the Diamond Crown”
  • Govt Senior Secondary School, Kadaur: Rajendra Rajan – “Vidai Bela”
  • Govt Senior Secondary School, Kaina: Dr. Jaiwanti Dimri – “Ek Pratiyogita”
  • Himalayan Public School, Kaithu, Shimla: Jai Kumar – “Papa Maaf Karna”
  • Lakshya Convent School, Manjyat, Arki: Yogeshwar Sharma – “Phone Pe Mahanagar”
  • Monal Public School, Nispriya Cottage, Sanjauli: Ranjodh Singh – “Kainth Ka Ped”
  • Monal Public School, North Oak, Sanjauli: Dr. Usha Bande – “Jheel Ke Prehari”
  • Raghav Public School, Baldeya: Vasundhara Joshi – “Stranger”
  • Raghav Public School, Ghaini: Veda Bragta – “Fake Time Machine”
  • Saraswati Paradise International Public School, Shimla: Paumila Thakur – “Nati Ra Phera”
  • Swarn Public School, Tutikandi, Shimla: Sudarshan Vashishtha – “Saligrama Ki Chitti”

The Children’s Theatre Festival promises to be a celebration of culture, creativity, and the artistic talents of the young generation in Himachal Pradesh. It is a remarkable initiative that will not only entertain but also educate and inspire. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the fusion of literature and performance on the stage!

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