Ananaya Khanna & Reet Bansal, New Delhi

Long, long time ago, there was a man named Aimon. He lived near the mountains. He belonged to one of the Gudungura Tribes. The tribe had different habits from rest of the people of the country. They lived near the river. They liked to keep dogs as pets. They liked to paint their tents in bright colours. The tribals made unique sounds with special instruments. They all lived happily together.

One night, a gang of robbers stealthily entered their tents and sprayed gas on all of them. The gas made all the tribals fall into deep sleep. While the tribals were sleeping, they stole everything from them. When the tribals woke up the next morning, they were totally shocked. They had nothing left! Everything had been stolen.

There was no food, no utensils, no cattle, even their pet dog was taken. Aimon, the leader of the tribe, ran out to search for the robbers. He discovered a spot, far away from their tribe, where a lot of noise was coming. He went closer and found that the robbers were having a feast with all the things they had stolen from the tribe. He also saw their pet dog, next to the head of the robbers.

He returned to the village to get some help. They came back to the spot, loaded with bows, arrows and spears to fight off the robbers. They circled the robbers while the robbers were celebrating. The robbers were taken unware.

The tribals did not know that the robbers were sitting in a circle, that had deep trenches all around. These trenches were full of poisonous snakes. One of the tribals fell into the trench and was bitten by snakes all at the same time. He began to shout, “Help me! Save me!”

The robbers were alerted by his shouting. Robbers quickly went near the trench. The dog knew that his master had come to save him. He decided to fool the robbers. He took a rope and went up to a robber. He told him to tie the rope around the trench to trap the tribals. When the tribals saw the robber coming with the rope, they hit him with his stick. The robber fell unconscious over the trench. His body became the bridge over the trench. The tribals with the help of their dog quickly reached across to the robbers and a fierce fight broke out.

The robbers lost the battle and the tribals were able to take all their things back.

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