“व्यक्तित्व – बातचीत का कारवां” – Pritha Doegar In Conversation with Meenakshi Faith Paul


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When you label people, you are basically labelling yourself; it is your own mindset that you are projecting! – Meenakshi Faith Paul

The second episode of “व्यक्तित्व – बातचीत का कारवां” featured Professor & Principal Meenakshi Faith Paul, Department of Evening Studies, HPU, Shimla who was engaged in a charming yet light-hearted conversation with Pritha Doegar, a class 9 student of Auckland House School, Shimla, that was streamed Live from Brews & Books Café, Shimla here today.

The conversation started with a general inroad into the life of Paul’s role as an educationist and an educator; and then it steered towards her love for folklores and gender studies along with her passion to translate different works into English. With a few references to her early childhood days and how her love to travel and know more about world was achieved through lots of reading, she reiterates that reading brings cultures together and gives one an insight into life in general. She even adds, “Hatred needs to be stopped; you need to be loving; forgiving; whether it is your personal life, your social life or larger community life, you need to realise that we are all human beings; that is what I strongly believe and that is what I like to share with my students.”



Professor Paul teaches literature, is a translator and a poetess. As a researcher, her focus is on folk wisdom, traditional knowledge and culture, with special reference to narratives of women and ecology, as also to gender and justice issues. She has published several articles and books, including a volume on bi-lingual poetry, Kindling from the Terraced Fields and a book of translation, Short Stories of Himachal Pradesh. She has co-edited three textbooks: Life Unfolded, The Blossoming Mind and A Step Ahead. Her doctoral dissertation is a cross-cultural and socio-psychological comparative study of Toni Morrison, Isaac Bashevis Singer and John Steinbeck. She has authored eleven books, and is an erudite resource person on issues of women and gender. She is the recipient of Ocard Samman and Shiksha Gaurav Award as well as the APJ Abdul Kalam Award for education.

“व्यक्तित्व – बातचीत का कारवां” talk show is specially curated for children and young writers/readers, to give them the opportunity to engage with senior writers and artists in a very casual and unpremeditated manner. Beginning August 2023, you will witness how our younger interviewers — from schools; colleges or universities — interact with 52 personalities on a weekly basis. These interviews will be held offline at Brews & Books Café, Shimla, that also offers an open library for all to use on the concept of ‘Borrow, Exchange, Donate,’ and will be streamed LIVE for all our patrons which can be watched on Keekli’s Facebook Channel and HimachalTonite‘s YouTube Channel, as well as our collaborators Association of Book Clubs and Food4Thought Foundation.


Stay tuned for weekly episodes and subscribe our channels to view them. Next Sunday, 20 August, 2023, we will have our third guest, Sumit Raj, who will be interviewed by Prachi Kaushal.


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